When the Fines Creek School was opened for the school year of 1926-1927, students from Fines Creek, Panther Creek, and upper White Oak attended.  According to Haywood County Schoolin’ A Rich Heritage five students graduated from the high school in 1928.  Each year the graduating class grew in size.  The school population grew and the school expanded to two buildings, one for the elementary students and one for the high school students, in 1934.

When the Haywood County schools consolidated in 1966 sophomores, juniors, and seniors moved to the new Tuscola High School.  No longer did the Fines Creek School continue to educate students for their entire twelve years.  Opening of Waynesville Middle School, expansion of Crabtree Elementary and construction of the new River Bend Elementary School continued to spin off students from the Fines Creek School.  In 1993 the community school was closed; its students bused to newer, modernized settings.

During the sixty-six years of the school’s existence, many students entered its doors in search of knowledge, benefited from local support, and left with a solid education.  Graduates of the Fines Creek School are numerous and many remain in the area.  The high school graduates are now senior citizens.  Their children and grandchildren may have attended the Fines Creek School, but those who attended all twelve years left in 1966.